Living Fearlessly PODCAST with Jessica Rodriguez

Michelle Hillaert speaks on Living FearlesslyWe are not as stuck as we think we are, and we are certainly not alone.

But somehow, as women and entrepreneurs, we often feel we’re the only one.

✓ The only one who has battled depression.
✓ The only one who feels awkward.
✓ The only one who has a past we’re not proud of and afraid we can’t overcome.

The GREAT news is that we are NOT alone, and we CAN overcome. I was so excited to have the opportunity to guest speak on my friend Jessica Rodriguez‘s podcast on something I’m so very PASSIONATE about… Living Fearlessly.

You can catch the podcast episode here –>

And don’t forget to subscribe to my friend’s podcast! Aside from the fact that she’s as REAL as they come and a true inspiration, she’s a wealth of knowledge! So tune in and get ready to LEARN and GROW. <3
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