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Who is Michelle Hillaert?

Michelle Hillaert is a work-at-home mom who is passionate about writing and sharing her message on living fearlessly. With a degree in Communication Arts, Michelle has been everything from a video editor for a private cable company to a computer technician to a website and image designer to a social media manager to a Dona-trained doula. She is currently a Network Marketing professional and leads a growing team of health and fitness coaches.

Michelle grew up mostly homeschooled in a double-wide trailer house with her nine sisters. Through the years she has faced a lot of adversity and in one defining moment made the decision to actively work to grow, change and create a new legacy for her family. Her mission is to inspire, empower and motivate women who want something different, but don’t quite know what next steps they need to take or how to get there.

Wife to Trent and mother to six beautiful children, Michelle is dedicated to her family, active in her community and loves to volunteer.